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Songstress Mentoring Program

Songstress Mentoring Program

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1 month Mentorship program for the woman who desires to take her voice, pleasure and passion back. 

She desires more expansion, more freedom, more bliss- and music is what lights up her soul! 

She will work one to one with award winning singer songwriter Lori Burke to calibrate to her next level.

You get:

Daily support via marco polo app where Lori is in your pocket when you have questions you need answers to! 

Weekly 1:1 calls to quickly get into the flow of the direction your music wants to go! Song challenges, writing prompts, and weekly goal setting! 

Monthly group Marco Polo call in a group of like minded women to share your songs, your ideas, what’s igniting your soul lately in the music world! Share your songs, your creative endeavors, sing and play along together, talk about your latest song or your latest win that you’re obsessed with- the possibilities are endless! 

This is a high touch- intensive one to one access with Lori as your mentor and best advocate for your wellness, your light, and your creativity!!