Empowerment Coaching 6 Month Package

Empowerment Coaching 6 Month Package

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I am your guide to create what you desire in your dream life or dream business.  Build a business or scale your existing business that goes from a few clients to full bookings. Build wealth by being yourself as your own personal brand. Achieve your big dream of traveling the world, making massive amounts of aligned money, finding the love of your life…

Your dreams are FOR YOU! 

Discover your signature zone of genius.

Feel worthiness around money. 

Gain financial, location, and time freedom just by doing what you love and being who you are! 

You get: 

6 months of coaching calls - one per week- and inspiration to get you from cloudy to clarity on your goals plus the tools of the trade and roadmap I’ve used along the way to gain popularity and recognition as a leader in my field to create a business I love that has doubled in revenue every year! 

Daily In-Your-Back-Pocket Voxer. Voxer is a free walkie talkie record at your own pace app where you speak in your free time without having to “be on a call or zoom”. THIS WILL BE YOUR GO-TO SPACE! You can riff on what you want to focus on for the day, the week, the hour. I will respond in my own timing and it frees up time on both of our ends but we still get results! 

Weekly goals, weekly wins, and monthly manifestations. 

One VIP meeting per month in person! Dinner or lunch and amazing face to face coaching plus surprise goodies! 

A Spot on my podcast- The Lori Burke Podcast- to talk about your business or life if you desire! 

 I’m a certified teacher in Pennsylvania, world class performer, business owner, podcaster, youtuber, singing and songwriting award winner, mother of two awesome teenagers, married to my high school sweet heart, and I love running my online business coaching women to their next level goals. 

Just think of what it would feel like to have time, location, and financial freedom doing what you’re good at, what the world needs, what people will pay you for, and what you enjoy doing. Imagine your big dream coming true: in relationships, in money, in success, in location or time freedom. Imagine how much closer you’ll be in 3 months when working in my energy. 

I show you how to turn up the volume on your:








You choose the path, I guide you with my roadmap and energy, I help you create belief around your dream business, your dream life, and together we celebrate your wins!

You have a dream. My private coaching can help you get there. Let’s dive in! 

Investment: PIF $7,000

Let’s dive in! 

Click the payment link and we will schedule our calls, our VIP date, your podcast date (if you’d like to be on), and start moving in the direction of your big dreams! 

Upon payment you agree to the terms: there are no refunds and you are responsible for paying the full amount listed.